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Microsoft office professional plus 2013 encountered an error during setup bootstrapper free.Deep Freeze Enterprise Latest Version and Release Notes

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– Microsoft office encountered an error during setup – Microsoft Community

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English UK. Case No. Case No: EGF Restart console to resolve. Case No: OWZ Case No: SVY Enable Windows Update service as a workaround.

Case No: ADD Knowledge Base. Case No: XZN Case No: ZNT Case No: ELF Case No: JGX Hard restart works around the issue. Note: Deep Freeze 8.

Note: You will need your new v8. Case No: SLO Case No: NWC These types of drives are mostly used in modern Mac computers. Case No: TVW Case No: MEQ Case No: KQH Case No: TLI Case No: EPS Case No: ZGS Case No: TUK Case No: HXA Case No: BBX Case No: AAS Deep Freeze Enterprise 8.

Shortly after release, an issue regarding certificates was discovered, forcing the retraction of this release. An updated version of Deep Freeze Enterprise will be made available once the issue is corrected.

We apologize for the inconvenience. This issue is limited to customers who previously had v8. Case No: HZE Case No: YAF Case No: JTK Case No: PKI Case No: AXZ Case No: UFO Note: Email Protection and Web Filtering features have been deprecated to keep the product lightweight and to optimize performance.

This behavior occurred randomly and in an inconsistent manner. Case No: AFC The Windows 10 Anniversary Update introduced additional drivers into the system that interfered with the ability of our drivers to properly respond to some requests to our StorageSpace or ThawSpaces.

Version 8. To increase the size, disable the Cache Window update option in the configuration, restart, and re-enable the option. Case No: KNN Case No: BBE Case No: IRS Case No: QHJ Case No: LSG Case no: FPX Case No: CJZ Case No: ORT Case No: FFI This issue has been resolved for Deep Freeze 8.

However, users upgrading from 8. Contact Technical Support for workaround. Case No: KYJ Case No: ZTD Case No: NYS Case No: LIG Case No: ANK Case No: CHN Deep Freeze is not vulnerable, it only flagged it as such. Case No: UDB Case No: UBV Case No: OAR Case No: XSG Case No: HYA This happened due to racing conditions when user session starts up.

Case No: UIY Case No: BYM Case No: IDJ Case No: JUS Must close network connection to resolve. Case No: QBB Case No: TKU Case No: BOL Case No: ZPM Case No: JWV Case No: RJI Case No: YUY Case No: KGQ Case No: SGB Case No: HLF Case No: DLI Case No: JUQ Case No: NAM Case No: KCF Case No: YVJ Case No: KVE Case No: WCQ Case No: WGO Case No: MOR Case No: VUT Case No: TVA Case No: VPT Case No: BXA


4 Methods to Fix Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper Has Stopped Working – OUTLOOK.EXE Runtime Errors

Microsoft office encountered an error during setup · 1. Simply Uninstall and Reinstall it. · 2. Tried to Install 32 Bit Office · 3. Renamed and deleted ‘. Here is how fix Microsoft Office encountered an error during setup message? · 1. Use Task Scheduler · 2. Troubleshoot using Windows Store · 3.


Repair Issues (How to Download and Fix).Microsoft Office encountered an error during setup


We are glad to introduce the production version of the Laravel Toolkit extension. Added the following improvements to the extension:. Customers can now run artisan, composer, and other commands without having to specify the whole path.

To disable the feature and bring back how the console worked before, add the following lines to the panel. To use ionCube Loader, install it manually. Note: The already installed ionCube Loader component continues to work but PHP updates no longer update the component.

Note: The vendor does not support myLittleAdmin since Using outdated components is not secure. You can still install the component at your own risk by doing the following:.

Added the ability to perform custom deployment actions separately from the deploy command. To use deferred execution of custom deployment actions via the CLI, run the following commands:. This screen provides additional domain creation options:. To disable it, add the following lines to the panel. To disable this feature, add the following lines to the panel.

Fine-tuned the password strength validator in Plesk to make it better at accurately evaluating strength of passwords generated by third-party applications and services. The feature is disasbled by default because it may affect the automatic password generation scripts that must meet the new requirements.

To enable the updated password strength validator, add the following lines to the panel. The feature will be enabled by default in Plesk Obsidian Read more about this feature. Indroduced a beta version of the Laravel Toolkit extension that allows you to manage Laravel applications running on your Plesk server:. We would love to hear your feedback about this improvement. Please send us your feedback to feedback plesk. To do so, add the following lines to the panel.

Replace the link with plain text, set the option to false :. This prevents failed attempts to issue certificates and reduces support workload when a certificate authority does not issue certificates for one or more country TLDs. Converted the extension into the SSL It! In Plesk Obsidian This prevents failed attempts to issue the certificates and reduce customer support tickets. To configure the feature via the CLI, run plesk ext sslit –wildcard-configuration -enable -nameservers ‘ns1.

To see more details, use the plesk ext sslit –help command. It is now possible to hide the Monitoring license panel, which displays the limit of websites and servers available for monitoring.

To hide the license panel, add the following lines to the panel. It is now possible to limit the number of websites Monitoring monitors per server. The default limit set by the Monitoring license affects multiple servers. To prevent one or more servers from using up the whole license limit, add the following lines to the panel. The extension now shows a warning if Monitoring stops processing one of your servers because the license limit has been reached or the server has been archived in the Monitoring interface.

The method generates a new SSH key for a domain if it does not already have an SSH key generated for it and displays the publik key part as the output. Added the option to restrict the ability to create backup to the Plesk administrator.

To prevent users other than the administrator from creating, uploading, or scheduling backups in Plesk, add the following lines to the panel. Note that scheduled backups already configured by users other than the administrator will continue to run. Because of the incorrect file permissions, agent stopped sending the data to the Monitoring server. To improve agent stability, we recommend that you install update 2.

The extension now works with Composer 2. To rollback to Composer 1. Added the plesk bin action-log CLI utility. The utility can be used to extract action log entries in raw or JSON format, and also to manage action log rotation settings. See how to use the utility in Plesk for Linux and Windows. Decreased the page load time for a number of most popular screens in Plesk. Added the ability to prevent customers from changing the Recycle Bin rotation settings in File Manager. To restrict the ability to change rotation settings to admins and resellers only, add the following lines to the panel.

To change the logging level, add the following lines to the panel. The valid values range from 0 to 7.

See Zend Debug Levels for more information. Plesk can now be installed on Ubuntu 20 servers running on ARM-based platforms as a Beta version with certain limitations. Read more about the ARM architecture in the article. Have questions or suggestions regarding this feature? We welcome your feedback! Note: To have this bugfix come into effect, update your Plesk to the upcoming version Note: At the moment, PHP 8.

However, the Plesk administrator can turn off the feature by adding the following lines to the panel. You will not! The SSL It! Plesk Obsidian At that point, you will still be able to bring them back by adding the following lines to the panel. Note: The showInterface setting in the panel. Keeping it will not hinder your Plesk server in any way. Plus, combining the SSL It! Updated Roundcube to version 1. To deliver this, the extension now uses the general location of HTTP tokens.

Note : If necessary, you can turn off this improvement by running the following command: plesk ext sslit –common-challenge-dir -disable. However, we recommend that you always keep the improvement on. On multi-CPU servers, depending on the type of data being backed up, this provides the following benefits:. To enable it, add the following lines to the panel. Removed a number of Plesk extensions from the Plesk Installer due to low usage.

These extensions are still available from the Extensions Catalog:. Due to security improvements made by Google, if you are using Google Drive Backup Plesk extension to create backups on a shared drive belonging to a corporate account, you need to do the following to be able to make backups users with personal drives are unaffected :.

Fixed a security vulnerability in PHP versions 5. To have these webmail changes take effect, reconfigure all the existing domains by running the plesk repair web -domains-only command. Added integration with Monitoring, a new tool present in the Plesk cloud service. To try Monitoring, connect your Plesk server to Plesk and then activate Monitoring. The extension wizard will guide you through these steps. Gave Monitoring a try and it is not your current choice? Switch back to the old Monitoring you got used to over the last releases.

To hide or change the link, add the lines of the following pattern to the panel. Improved the process of adding a domain by introducing a new screen that shows the following options:. The new screen is disabled by default. The Plesk administrator, customers, and resellers now have a more concise interface delivered by the right sidebar collapsed by default on the following screens:.

By default, the automatic deletion is enabled. The Plesk administrator can manage this feature and change its default settings by using the following panel. Note: The virus signature update can take several minutes. Please wait until it is finished and do not interrupt the update.

WordPress Toolkit now supports configuring automatic updates for individual plugins and themes. This covers the following changes:. The extension now uses short-lived access tokens for authorization. From September 30, , backing up to Dropbox becomes unavailable because Dropbox changes its authorization method. We recommend that you do that before the end of September. You can disable automatic version updates by adding the following lines to the panel. It is now possible to adjust the limit of attempts to provide code within the specified time interval in seconds by editing the panel.

By default, the extension has the following panel.


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