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Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 32 / 64 Bit Sep Download – OsFreeware – Item Preview

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Windows 10 enterprise ltsb for gaming free.Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB x86

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We’re looking to remove games and “free” apps, and also things like the Xbox app – theres no reason for a business user to have Xbox on their desktop! The less scripts and GPO’s we need to apply, the better I cannot believe this is still an issue for enterprise users after all these years of people asking!

This would be a good way to do it as you can speed up deployment. I got worried and use Win 10 with Windows updates turned off instead. In creating this branch of Windows, Microsoft’s goal was to serve the needs of what it calls “specialized devices.

It’s not intended for workstations that do general-purpose productivity tasks. What is considered as mission critical applications? Server has the xbox stuff too I keep thinking I’m going to try and get a desktop running a linux distro at work to have our team evaluate switching desktop operating systems, but I don’t think our developers using Visual Studio would or could go for it. And the new computer configuration must be muted prior! I feel your pain, however I recently found there is a perfectly acceptable reason to leave Xbox there — free video screen clipping.

I honestly forget how I enabled it, but it’s original purpose as you inferred was for gaming, but it is a great screen video tool. Let me see if I can find the article that led me there and I’ll post back. Honestly, I would stick with Windows 10 Enterprise. It isn’t difficult to remove the unwanted apps. These are what we use for windows 10, it’s kind of a pre-install step that doesn’t add but a minute or two to the install time.

I think you might be quite happy with the results. Or just pick through it and choose the settings you like to put in your own script. Also I have a new version which I am about to release in the user group for people to test before I put it up on the scripts page here which is even better and also updated for I’ve read that blog post, and it’s exactly like every other post I’ve read that warns against using LTSB.

It all boils down to the same thing. You’re giving up a bunch of business-hostile consumer-oriented crapola, and some features that may or may not be important, and in return you get a platform that does not change frequently.

It’s allowed me to achieve the same results as you’re asking. I highly recommend using the script and the creator is very helpful if you need it. This topic comes up about every week. There’s a few reportedly good “decrapifier” scripts floating around. I’m hesitant to try one, what works on one version of 10 might totally screw up another, you know? Fortunately we only have around users here, so it’s “not too laborious” a task.

For your amusement, take a look at this recent screenshot. Windows 10 Pro, fresh install, domain-joined account so it gets the so-called “productivity apps” instead of all the Bubble Witch 3 Saga and whatnot, garbage. But look at the circled portion. C’mon Microsoft, really? Think bank teller or library terminals, ATMs, control nodes for industrial, lab, medical and scientific equipment, etc.

Note the text which states:. One interpretation of this is that Microsoft is planning further changes to LTS x licensing which will prevent Microsoft Office from being used on this branch of the operating system. Keep in mind that Microsoft is in the multi-year process of transitioning from a software company to a “devices and services” company.

In particular, that means their development efforts are focused on services which generate recurring revenue E3, E5, Microsoft , Office , OneDrive, Windows Store, etc. Microsoft Windows 10 LTSB was promoted at the Windows 10 launch as an enterprise solution for managed change environments, but as Microsoft moves along its Windows as a Service WaaS path, the LTSx concept becomes more antithetical to that business model.

Over time, the licensing and usage rights for Windows 10 LTSB may become more restrictive in order to ensure the services vision and the kind of predictable revenue stream that it brings to Microsoft. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky. Seriously though, even users doing that manually is too much. No wonder you and others get fed up with it. Take the hour or 2, check out a couple scripts or how to deal with a lot of it via GPO including a start layout.

With any script it is best if you read through it first and change it to your tastes. The bonus of this is We are not customers of Microsoft. We are the resource Microsoft exploits to service their real customers, the shareholders. Nothing else matters but short-term stock price.

This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Your daily dose of tech news, in brief. He conceived the ma I manage several M tenants all with Security Defaults enabled and in one specific tenant, for some reason, no users including Global Admins are able to create a Team directly in the Teams app using the “Join or create a team” option.

This option IS Do you take breaks or do you keep going until you complete the 6 steps of debugging? Today I overcame a, what I thought was a major problem, minor challenge.

We just got don Good afternoon and welcome to today’s briefing. Hope you are starting to enjoy the warmer weather up in the north it has been pretty awesome. That said Security doesn’t sleep and so do we have to keep our systems and our knowledge up to date. We have some Online Events. Log in Join. Windows Spice 14 Reply CarlPower This person is a verified professional.

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Spice 5 flag Report. Spice 2 flag Report. Microsoft was unable to answer us yet This person is a verified professional. PatrickFarrell This person is a verified professional.

Do you allow these machines to access the internet? Spice 3 flag Report. Apparently, Visual Studio runs on Linux. You will have to select an easy, user friendly, Linux Distro, and then check how well it runs before letting one of your open minded developers have a go. CarlPower wrote: We’re looking to remove games and “free” apps, and also things like the Xbox app – theres no reason for a business user to have Xbox on their desktop!

Spice 1 flag Report. Dr Pinball This person is a verified professional. Why can’t they just provide a Bloat-Free Windows 10 Corporate version? Spice 6 flag Report. Riley This person is a verified professional. Riley wrote: win10 decrapify , Also there is a way in windows 10 to set up provisioning packages that do this.

Hey, I’m the guy who made the decrapifier. Thank you for the recommendation! Anyways, if you want some more info feel free to join the decrapifier group or pm me Spice 4 flag Report.

Bill This person is a verified professional. Guess what? Note the text which states: The Long-Term Servicing Channel LTSC is designed to be used only for specialized devices which typically don’t run Microsoft Office One interpretation of this is that Microsoft is planning further changes to LTS x licensing which will prevent Microsoft Office from being used on this branch of the operating system. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky Spice 2 flag Report.

Spice 4 flag Report. MMacho wrote And this right here is exactly the problem. You should not have to do that. Will the script remove stuff you don’t like? Maybe, maybe not. Will it restore features that were deliberately removed?


– [Windows 11] Frequently asked questions about Windows 11 | Official Support | ASUS Global

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB Gamer download torrent. Home Blog January 10 Windows 10 At least I have free hard disk space. KB Setupcomplete / Framework ; Windows Defender Updates. EDITIONS INCLUDED. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB –. You can check by going to Settings > Windows Update. How much does it cost to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11? It’s free. But only Windows.


Windows 10 enterprise ltsb for gaming free. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 32 / 64 Bit Sep 2018 Download

Loading… 0. NET Framework 3. There are no new features added over the lifetime of the service. Add to Collection Add new or search Public collection title. Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset


Windows 10 enterprise ltsb for gaming free. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB EN ISO 2019 Pre Activated

Apr 15,  · Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC / x Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be g: gaming. Jun 12,  · How To Install? �� Don’t run the directly on a live OS. �� Download Rufus or Ventoy and burn the ISO to a USB then boot into the USB to install the OS. �� Use this method if you don’t have a USB drive. Don’t know about gaming question much,. But as for the source of windows LTSC 10 search for Gen2 upload’s on x, he has uploaded the latest one with instruction to install. as for last question Yeah it works on any system which can run Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise. Pls feel free to contact me for further help if you need.

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