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Image of the different services offered by Comparlante: Universal Accessibility, Web Accessibility and Universal Design

At Comparlante we help to build a world with more equity. Visit our website to know the range of products and services of technical and professional advice that we provide in Universal Accessibility, Web Accessibility, and Universal Design.

At Comparlante we work to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and we advise governments, companies, NGOs, and individuals to adapt and improve their practices to make them accessible.

Universal Accessibility: We help companies, governments, NGOs, and private individuals to develop and adapt their practices and services under international accessibility standards. We also develop advertising and educational / awareness campaigns adapted to various audiences and social responsibility projects.

Web accessibility: We make your website accessible, navigable and intuitive so that your content reaches more people and the information is accessible to people with disabilities.

Universal Design: We address the design of documents, text materials, and signage in an accessible format to meet the various needs of the environment and make information, products, and services accessible to the greatest number of people, in the most efficient way.

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