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What does the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities say?: Data Collection and Statistics

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To effectively implement public policies, as well as to activate campaigns and other joint actions among civil society organizations and the community of persons with disabilities, it is important to have information up to the date and disaggregated on how many and who we are.

In this regard, Article 31 in the CRPD contemplate the considerations as follows:

  1. States Parties undertake to collect appropriate information, including statistical and research data, to enable them to formulate and implement policies to give effect to the present Convention. The process of collecting and maintaining this information shall:
  2. a) Comply with legally established safeguards, including legislation on data protection, to ensure confidentiality and respect for the privacy of persons with disabilities;
    b) Comply with internationally accepted norms to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms and ethical principles in the collection and use of statistics.
  3. The information collected in accordance with this article shall be disaggregated, as appropriate, and used to help assess the implementation of States Parties’ obligations under the present Convention and to identify and address the barriers faced by persons with disabilities in exercising their rights.
  4. States Parties shall assume responsibility for the dissemination of these statistics and ensure their accessibility to persons with disabilities and others.

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