CIRCULAR ATTRACTION: Do you like Art? So, this is for you!

On the image there is a young girl with Down Syndrome dancing. On her right, in the upper part, there is the logo of Circular Attraction, below the text: “Do you like art? This is for you!”. On the lower part of the image, there is the logo of Fundación Comparlante.

You can be one of the 10 scholarship holders of our Circular Attraction program!

What it is about? Our proposal is to bring you closer to art, to learn, to enjoy and to meet people with your same interests in a different way. The workshop will be provided virtually 3 times a week.

To whom is it addressed? To children, youth, and adults with motor, visual and intellectual disabilities.

Apply from any part of Latin America!

Until when can people subscribe? March 2022

Link for registration:

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