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Accessible Corporate Events

Photo of a ramp in a building. Below there is the text: Accessible Corporate Events and the logo of Fundación Comparlante.

Probably your company is about to celebrate the New Year´s Eve dinner. However, when planning it, have people considered the needed issues so that the event is accessible?

An event of such characteristics allows all the guests to enjoy under the same conditions. In this type of events, we need to consider not only the possibility of having accessible ramps or washrooms, but also communication and the invitation dissemination, and even the possibility of having Sign Language Interpreter accompanying the speaker.

The information provided to the guests at the event and the appropriate conditions to make this event memorable are not necessarily an obstacle when planning the event.

If you want to succeed, let our team of experts on Universal Accessibility in Fundación Comparlante advises you.

Let´s celebrate together!

For further information, please contact info@comparlante.com