Texto "Donar" escrito en letras blancas sobre un círculo azul.

Announcement of the beneficiaries of the Circular Attraction scholarships!

On a white background, in a box in shades of blue, a text reads: Congratulations scholarship winners! At the top is the Circular Attraction logo, and at the bottom, three silhouettes of persons doing artistic activities.

Our Circular Attraction art program received more than 70 applications from 15 Latin American countries, and today, we announce the beneficiaries of the scholarship. Thanks to all for participating!


  • Andrés Camilo Hoyos Vargas from Colombia
  • Aylin María Marín Sosa from Costa Rica
  • Brenda Mesa Robles from Mexico
  • Claudia Hurtado Cossi from Bolivia
  • Edgar Araujo from Venezuela
  • Fanny de los Ángeles Cachipuendo from Ecuador
  • Froylán Díaz from Mexico
  • Jenny Chinchilla from El Salvador
  • Jessica Paola Pautt Sequeda from Colombia
  • Jesús Iván Núñez from Mexico
  • Karla Francesca Bravo González from Mexico
  • Marta Antonieta Aguilar García from Guatemala
  • Soledad Toro from Chile
  • Tania Delgado from Ecuador
  • Vanessa Romano from Argentina

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