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Presenting We Feel to the Honorable Deliberative Council in Villamarino

Nair Rodriguez (Secretary of Fundación Comparlante), Lorena Julio, (President of Fundación Comparlante), Susana Velásquez (President of the Honorable Deliberative Council of Villarino), and Lorena Costantini (Photographer of the artwork We Feel Villarino) appear in the Plenary Session of HCD.

We Feel Villarino participated in the Opening Sessions of the Deliberative Council of the Villarino Party. Susana Velásquez, HCD President, and the City Council members of different Parties welcomed us to the exhibition place.

“The Deliberative Council in Villarino values the great job Fundación Comparlante performs in our District, and appreciates the opportunity to have the photo exhibition W Feel at this place. We believe art in all its forms challenges us and gives us the chance to promote change. It is our duty to see reality in all its diversity and to legislate for a more inclusive community by working together with people involved in this field” mentioned Velásquez.


Fotografía del equipo de Fundación Comparlante junto a los Concejales del HCD de Villarino

The Fundación Comparlante Team together with the HCD Council Members of Villarino

Fotografía del Intendente de Villarino tomando la palabra en el Concejo.

The Mayor of Villarino taking the floor in the Council.

fotografía de la exhibición de la muestra Sentimos Villarino en la Sesión de Apertura del Concejo Deliberante.

The We Feel Villarino sample of art in the Deliberative Council Opening Session.

Fotografía de Lorena Julio (Presidente de Fundacion Comparlante) de pie junto a Carlos Morelli (Director de La Secretaria de Desarrollo de la Municipalidad de Villarino) junto a dos fotografías de la muestra Sentimos Villarino.

Lorena Julio (President of Fundación Comparlante) standing up next to Carlos Morelli

(Development Secretary Director of the Villarino Town Hall) to side of We Feel Villarino

sample of art photos.

Fotografía de Carlos Bevilaqua, Intendente de a villarino sosteniendo una postal de Sentimos Villarino junto a Lorena Julio y Lorena Costantini.

Carlos Bevilaqua, Mayor of Villarino, holding a We FeelVillarino postcard on side

of Lorena Julio and Lorena Costantini.


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