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August 12 – International Youth Day

Image with the cartoon of four young persons, two boys and two girls of different ages, having a joyful dialogue. Below, the following text “August 12, International Youth Day” as well as the logo of a fist raised. Below, the logo of Fundación Comparlante.

Supporting and celebrating the transforming power of a generation!


And you, what do you know about reproductive rights of young boys and girls with disabilities?

Fundación Comparlante is committed to a fairer, more equative and sensitive world. For that reason, with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA Ecuador) and social society organizations, we have created the first accessible information repository in terms of sexual and reproductive health focused on youth.

@igualquetu_org seeks to contribute to the protection, development and education of those who, with their active commitment, are already leading the transformation of our society.

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