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We Offer Web Accessibility Services

Banner to promote web accessibility services provided by Fundación Comparlante. It has the image of two computers, a notebook, which is displaying an image of web programing codes, and another desk computer, which is surfing in the Web www.comparlante.com. Below, there is the Logo of Fundación Comparlante.

Did you know that 90% of Web contents are not accessible?

Having an accessible Website translates in a larger number of visitors to your website, a better product positioning, and successful transactions for a business.

In Fundación Comparlante, we can work with you, either for your entrepreneurship or company, to ensure that each and every person can access that information.

We have experience to help you to accomplish with all the accessibility parameters established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which are the recommendations to follow to ensure that everyone can surf the Internet.

Get to know more about this and other services offered by Comparlante on https://www.comparlante.com/services/#accesibilidadweb


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