Texto "Donar" escrito en letras blancas sobre un círculo azul.

Sentimos Villarino is of Special Interest for the City Council!

Photo of a woman holding the text of the Villarino City Hall´s Decree, and showing it to a little girl. On the upper right corner, the logo of Fundación Comparlante.

The @concejodeliberante in Villarino has declared us of special interest for the City Council!

We would like to thank the City Council for this recognition, and those who trust and support this great cause.

This is the highest distinction to its main protagonists, who were pictured by Lorena Costantini.

We also would like to thank Monino and those who are part of Sentimos Villarino.

Thank you very much to @concejal Chiarellotto for leading this initiative and to all the Parties for their support! https://instagram.com/maurodamianchiarellotto?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=!

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