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August 31 – International Solidarity Day

Informative image with the photo of Juan Thomas, Executive Director of Potenciar Solidario with the title “Solidarity is sharing among siblings”. By Lelio Sánchez, you can read it on www.comparlante.com As caption, the logo of Fundación Comparlante.

“Solidarity is sharing among siblings”

 The International Solidarity Day is celebrated every August 30. At the UN General Assembly, representatives from Slovenia, Malta, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Poland promoted the celebration of this date by means of a Declaration reminding that solidarity is not only a moral character requirement, but also a precondition for the effectiveness of policies in countries and people, and one of the fundamental guarantees for the world’s peace.    

Fundación Comparlante would like to invite you to know Fundación Potenciar Solidario (Boosting Solidarity Foundation), an organization working towards solidarity in Argentina, and to know the testimonial of Juan Tomas, its Executive Director. 


 When was Potenciar Solidario born, and which its objective?

Fundación Potenciar Solidario was born more than 10 years ago based on three elements still in force:   

– a social demand of people in vulnerable situations silently claiming for conditions of dignity;

– social organizations transforming social reality with many management needs that normally feel  “alone and on the edge”; and,

– people with experience on management eager to help, but not knowing how to do it.

Our main objective is to accompany NGO´s across the country working towards dignity of each person to cooperate in the development of tools and management capabilities in the administrative, communication, volunteering and funding areas to booster the sustainable  growth and with a social focus  on allowing improvements in support and everything related to the dignity of the most vulnerable.

What does solidarity mean to the Foundation?

Solidarity means a lot to us from our origins. Therefore, this term is at the “heart” of our name which emerges from boosting the solidarity of many for the dignity of every person. “Many” includes social organizations, donors, volunteers, specialists on management and all those who are able and willing to help this social organization.

As it is written in our social objective, to us, solidarity is “sharing among siblings”. In other words, this is a mutual cooperation among people and institutions for a common social purpose: dignity for every person.

Solidarity at stake is the only way to find solutions for the current social challenges that move us so much.

Solidarity generates a power and strength which transform, enlighten and inspire others.

 What kind of programs does Potenciar Solidario carry out?

Our programs are grouped in four areas:

1) Boosted NGO´s Area;

2) Boosted Management Area;

3) Boosted Alliances Area; and

4) Boosted Dignity Area

 How does the Foundation work with the NGO´s  it supports?

We work with the Boosted NGO´s in a comprehensive, evolutive, free and long-term manner.

This is a process that we are building together with the Boosted NGO´s over time, and they join our new programs as we deepen in mutual knowledge and closeness.

Nowadays, Fundación Potenciar Solidario supports more than 300 organizations across the country.

Which needs do you want to cover with your cooperation?

We seek to cover administrative, communication, volunteering and funding needs so that every NGO is able to sustainably grow and with a social focus. Moreover, we seek to cover the needs of articulation and comprehensive approach on social affairs.

 How do the NGO´s benefiting from the Foundation programs respond?

Boosted NGO´s are totally satisfied with our support over these 10 years.

For us, it is a grift to be able to support and to witness the social aid carried out by these unsung heroes that transform the reality of so many people.


Fundación Comparlante would like to extend its most sincere thanks to the human beings in Fundación Potenciar Solidario, who have given us their invaluable guide and support to strengthen our efforts with professionalism and commitment.

To learn more about the work carried out by Fundación Potenciar Solidario, we invite you to visit its website www.potenciarsolidario.org.  

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