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Training on Adapted Sports to the Villarino Town Hall

Screenshot of the encounter and discussion on adapted sports carried out between the Team of Comparlante and representative of the Town Hall and clubs in Villarino. The logo of Comparlante is on the upper mid area of the photo.

Successful training on accessibility and adapted sports to the Villarino Town Hall.

Representatives of the Town Hall Disability and Sports Areas, as well as authorities and members of schools and local sports clubs actively participated in this virtual session, led by the Right Promotors of Fundación Comparlante, Horacio, Lelio and Ludmila.

The adapted sports aim at providing persons with disabilities the optimal equative conditions to access to sports.

The multiple benefits of adapted sports result in such diverse aspects  such as the sense of belonging, the personal and social development, as well as strengthening of autonomy, rehabilitation and physical activity.

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