We return to the National Assembly of Ecuador!

Photo of children in fifth grade together with Lorena Julio, Sebastián Flores and Andrés Julio at the main door of the National Assembly of Ecuador. Below, the logo of Fundación Comparlante. Accessible Art, and Andrés Julio´s signature.

Fundación Comparlante celebrates the “Month of Universal Accessibility” at the National Assembly of Ecuador.

In 2019, all the Parties in the National Assembly of Ecuador with a unanimous vote established November as the Month of Universal Accessibility.

In the context of this celebration, Invisibilidad Consentida, part of the Accessible Art Program, was exhibited.

The works developed by the plastic artist Andrés Julio aims at promoting empathy and a positive and proactive attitude of the decision makers respect to disability and universal accessibility.

Especially, we would like to thank to Juan Fernando Flores, an assemblyman, for his support in this activity.

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