Launch of the book: Inclusion vs Equity vol. 02 at the National Library

Image of the Launch of the book "Inclusión vs Equidad Vol.2" On it, there is a miniature of the book. Lorena coordinates the event, and different international authorities shall also present. Below, the logo of Editorial Serial and its e-mail:

Our President, Lorena Julio, would like to invite you to the launch of the second volume of the series Inclusion vs Equity “Questioning privileges that delve into inequalities”.

The event will take place on Thursday December 15th at 7 at night in the Room Cortázar at the National Library in Buenos Aires, street Agüero 2502, CABA.

“The series Inclusion vs Equity aims at making visible issues that most of society resists addressing inequity, marginalization and discrimination, as well as systems that enable and perpetuate them.

In this second Volume, we open the variety of topics, and we seek to understand the causes producing inequity. Hence, gender, class, race, nationality privileges as well as the ones affecting persons with disabilities, among others are our baseline for the analysis. Some are visible, whilst others are overlapped, consented by action or omission, or just ignored. Raising awareness on their reality will allow us to transform them”.

The book coordinated by Lorena Julio was designed by Camila Aprea, translated to English by Alejandra Guerrero, and supported by all the Comparlantees!

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