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About the Founders

In 2014, Lorena Julio dreamed of creating a platform that with the use of the new technologies could allow blind persons to access education. From his technical and creative capacity, Sebastian Flores became the great promoter to make that dream come true.

Lorena Julio

Co-Founder and President

Lorena is a human rights advocate with a Master’s degree in
Comparative Public Policy and holds a Degree in
Social Communication. She has worked for the last fifteen years at the promotion and protection of human rights in Latin America and the United States. She has worked for the Government of Argentina as Head of Press in the Secretariat of Human Rights of the Province of Buenos Aires, as well as in the Coordination Team of the Assistance Program for Vulnerable Groups. In the international field Lorena worked in the Organization of the States Americanos (OAS) as Program Officer of the Youth Forum of the Americas in the framework of the Summit of Presidents. After that, she assumed duties as Communications Officer at Young Americas Business Trust, also leading the youth networks of the Forum.
In 2015, Lorena founded Fundacion Comparlante in Argentina with the aim of reducing the gap in access to education and information for people with visual disabilities. Currently, Comparlante promotes equity through universal accessibility.
She was trained in entrepreneurship in Israel thanks to a scholarship from the Israeli Agency for International Cooperation MASHAV, and in 2018 she was trained in leadership for 12 months by Kanthari in India. In 2020 she participated representing Latin America in Jai Jagat, a global march for peace, carrying the flags of non-discrimination and non-violence.

Kanthari TALKS 2018 | Accessibility is in our hands


Lorena Julio

Sebastián Flores

Co-Founder & Director


TEDxQuito | Globalization and local Action


Sebastián Flores

He is a partially sighted change maker graduated in Diplomacy and International Affairs. Sebastian has developed his professional training focused on Diplomacy, International Politics, Law, democracy and citizen participation, information and communication technologies in the context of Electronic Government and Digital Diplomacy. He is a role model of youth in the global process of sustainable development, humanitarian issues ranging from Migration and Human Mobility, Human Rights, to consultation on accessibility and equity for people with disabilities, both locally and at regional and international levels. Sebastian’s activity as a young leader has led him to key positions in projects with social impact by the hand of international organizations such as the UN, OAS, and youth advocacy networks worldwide. Sebastian is a TEDx Speaker, motivator, and mentor, a role that combines with his activity as a delegate in international summits and as Co-Founder of Comparlante.

No idea, as wonderful as it may seem, can be carried out without counting on a team that work with effort and commitment for it. Professionalism, diversity and multiculturalism lead our team to achieve the great impact we are already having across Latin America and the world.