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Startup Ability

At Fundación Comparlante we focus on the potential of diversity to strengthen the capacities and abilities of persons with disabilities, accompanying the promotion of their business initiatives as a tool for the promotion of their social well-being, economic development and empowerment through accessibility. In addition to reinforcing the value of self-dignity and promoting their independence.
We offer both virtual and onsite workshops as well as one-to-one mentoring to accompany persons with disabilities and their families in the development of their ventures.

One-to-one Mentoring

Entrepreneurship can be strengthened to its full potential when counting on the vision and guidance from experienced professionals. Fundación Comparlante offers virtual spaces for dialogue with entrepreneurship experts who will guide the entrepreneurs with disabilities on their pat to a full productive and labor development.

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    Online Workshops

    Adapting to the challenges of the new reality, Fundación Comparlante offers virtual training workshops for entrepreneurs with disabilities and their families. These workshops seek to strengthen the knowledge and experience of entrepreneurs aiming towards the effective implementation of their projects.

    Startup Ability #1 – “Reinventarse: ¿Pórque emprender ahora?”

    Startup Ability #2 – “Innovación y reconversión: emprender en crisis”.

    Startup Ability #3 – Financiando mi emprendimiento desde la comunidad.

    Startup Ability #4 Luis Casado

    Startup Ability #5 – Subtitulos con Alan Hernandez.

    Startup Ability #6 – Contenidos digitales accesibles.

    Onsite workshops

    Fundación Comparlante offers face-to-face mode workshops for entrepreneurs with disabilities and their families, with the aim of strengthening their knowledge and experiences in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The onsite workshops are implemented paying due attention to the current COVID-19 emergency context, following the biosafety protocols.