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Active Accessibility

Access to education, recreation and socialization are basic human rights that everybody should fully enjoy regardless of our capacities or particular characteristics. In Fundación Comparlante, we understand that sport connects all those opportunities. Therefore, Active Accessibility aims at helping to ensure that everybody is able to practice sport in equity and, those wishing to,  may enjoy belonging to any club. 

This Program seeks to give visibility to sports for persons with disabilities from different perspectives. In 2021, we interviewed 40 people related to adaptive sport, and, in 2023, we plan to reach 100 clubs in Argentina with our Accessibility Manual for Sports Clubs.

Accessibility Manual for Sports Clubs

We have noticed that, along Latin America and specially in Argentina, still a lot of boys, girls, youths and adults with disabilities do not have the opportunity to practice sports mainly because sports clubs lack knowledge on their needs and the required adaptations. Therefore, we decided to develop this Manual to change this.

With the support of the Association of Architects in the Province of Buenos Aires, diverse organizations of the civil society and people related to adaptive sport, we created this Introductory Manual to accessibility so that sports clubs may get started to adapt their spaces, and their social and sport practices.


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Virtual Interviews

Comprehending the impact and the ability of social media to connect with anyone, in 2021, we conducted a series of interviews to athletes, trainers, and other right promoters related to adaptive sport. 

We discovered a wide range of possibilities in the area of adaptive sports, and we would like to share it with the network of Fundación Comparlante so that more people get to know and may disseminate the benefits of “Putting into Action!”  

In Active Accessibility – Putting into Action!, you will find blind football, powerchair, blind basketball, adaptive paragliding, silent basketball, sitting volleyball, adaptive skating, blind tennis, adaptive trekking, blind archery and many more sports.

Active Accessibility 7: Juan y Santiago Zemborain

Active Accessibility 21: Kathy Pico

Active Accessibility 13: Martín Kremenchuzky