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Active Accessibility

Understanding the impact and outreach that social networks have nowadays, we decided to create a space for the promotion of different sports adapted under a the format of Instagram live broadcasts.

This series of interviews is made up of more than 30 one-to-one talks throughout 2021 with athletes, coaches, and other rights advocates within adapted sports.

We discovered an immense range of possibilities in the field of adapted sports and we wanted to share it with the network of Fundación Comparlante so that more people can learn about them and enjoy the benefits of “Getting into Action”!

Blind Soccer, Powerchair, Blind Basketball, Adapted Paragliding, Silent Basketball, Sitting Volleyball, Adapted Skateboarding, Tennis for the Blind, Adapted Trekking, Archery for the Blind, and much more to find at Active Accessibility – Get in Action!

Active Accessibility 7: Juan y Santiago Zemborain

Active Accessibility 21: Kathy Pico

Active Accessibility 13: Martín Kremenchuzky