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The impact and sustainability of our organization rely mainly on the services we offer from our technical and professional capacities, aiming at improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities from any corner of the world.

Consultancies on Universal Accessibility

Achieving a world with less barriers requires everyone’s commitment. We help companies, governments, NGOs and the private sector to develop and adapt their practices and services under international accessibility standards. We also develop advertising and educational / awareness campaigns adapted to various audiences and Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

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Consulting on Web Accessibility

Comparlante offers advice and website development to assure that more people visit them and that the information reaches everyone. We make it accessible, navigable and intuitive. At the foundation, we develop proposals tailored to the needs of our clients.

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Universal Design Consultancies

The purpose of the design is to create something useful that serves the various needs of the environment. For this reason, we offer advice for the elaboration of documents, materials and signage in accessible format, adapted visual identity, advertising and iconographic design and illustration in accessible format to provide easy access to information through effective multisensory communications.

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