The Team

The Team

Our Team is multidisciplinary, multicultural, inclusive,, and creatively diverse, and it is formed by persons with and without disabilities from different countries in Latin America.

We share a common goal: to work day by day on achieving an accessible world and with equal opportunities for everybody.

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Board of Directors
Photo of Lucila Eggel

Lucila Eggel  🇦🇷

Photo of Nair Rodríguez.

Nair Rodríguez  🇦🇷

Universal Design and communication for everyone
Photo of Camila Aprea.

Camila Aprea  🇦🇷
Visual communications designer

Photo of Álvaro Ramírez.

Álvaro Ramírez  🇦🇷
Multimedia Designer

Photo of Alejandra Guerrero.

Alejandra Guerrero  🇪🇨
Content Translator

Fhoto of Belén Wilson.
Belén Wilson  🇦🇷 Community Manager
Accessible Web Development
Photo of Pablo Ojeda.

Pablo Ojeda Labe  🇨🇱
Web Developer

Photo of Mayra Luengo.

Mayra Luengo  🇦🇷
Web Developer

Photo of Lautaro Mallo.

Lautaro Mallo  🇦🇷
Web Developer

Foto de Jesica del Valle Gutierrez.

Jesica Gutierrez  🇦🇷
Web Developer

Foto de Alejandra Adalid.

Alejandra Adalid 🇦🇷
Web Developer

Photo of Roberto Jaramillo.

Roberto Jaramillo  🇪🇨
Program Director

Photo of Nicolás Remedi

Nicolás Remedi  🇺🇾
Entrepreneurship Advisor

Photo of de Ludmila Guidi.

Ludmila Guidi  🇦🇷
Right Advocate

Photo of Horacio Ríos.

Horacio Ríos  🇦🇷
Right Advocate

Photo of Lelio Sánchez.

Lelio Sánchez  🇦🇷
Right Advocate

Photo of Gerónimo Bukosky.

Gerónimo Bukosky  🇦🇷
Right Advocate

Photo of Maria Paula González.

Maria Paula González  🇦🇷
TikTok content creator

Foto de perfiil de Magali Memoli

Magali Memoli  🇦🇷
Right Advocate

Photo of Augusto Ferreyra.

Augusto Ferreyra  🇦🇷
Right Advocate

Foto de María Micaela Aquino

María Micaela Aquino 🇦🇷

Photo of Denice Dell´Aquila

Denice Dell´Aquila 🇦🇷
Solidarity practices – Universidad Siglo 21

Photo of Carla Cerdan

Carla Cerdan 🇦🇷
Solidarity practices – Universidad Siglo 21

Geronimo Donadio 🇦🇷
Solidarity practices – Universidad Siglo 21

Photo of Nicolás Maldonado.

Nicolás Maldonado 🇦🇷
Solidarity practices – Universidad Siglo 21

Photo of Carla Coria

Carla Coria   🇦🇷
Photographer – We Feel La Plata

Photo of Lorena Costantini

Lorena Constantini  🇦🇷
Photographer – We Feel Villarino

Photo of Andrés Julio.

Andrés Julio   🇦🇷
Plastic Artist – Accessible Art

Photo of Beatriz Calvo.

Beatriz Calvo  🇨🇷
Illustrator – My World My Way

Photo of Melina Deville

Melina Deville  🇦🇷
Teacher in Plastic Arts – Circular Attraction

Photo of Nicole Kiesevich

Nicole Kiesevich  🇺🇾
Teacher in Dance – Circular Attraction

Photo of Cecilia Verge.

Cecilia Verge  🇦🇷
Illustrator – Manual on Accessibility for Sports Clubs

Photo of Celeste Benítez.

Miriam Cerdá  🇦🇷
Teacher in Theater – Circular Attraction

Foto de Celeste Benítez.

Celeste Benítez  🇦🇷
Research Coordinator – Manual on Accessibility for Sports Clubs