The Foundation

The Foundation

Fundación Comparlante is a non-profit organization that promotes equality and the development of persons with disabilities in Latin America.

From technological tools, products, and services, we work towards developing accessibility and supporting personal development and equal opportunities for all the people.


We focus on living in an equal world with more and better opportunities for persons with disabilities.


To promote autonomy and empowerment for the inclusion and equality of persons with disabilities from our commitment with accessibility.

We work so that this vulnerable area of society enjoys fully its rights.

Official photo of a group of 6 people on the stage of the Doha International Conference on Disability and Development, among whom stand out Sebastian Flores (Co-Founder of Fundación Comparlante) and Ana Lucía Arellano (Chair of the International Disability Alliance.

A Latin American organization with global impact

From Doha, India, Israel and different countries in Latin America, hand in hand with international organizations such as the United Nations, the Organization of American States, IDA, RIADIS, including small local groups, Fundación Comparlante has made an impact and raises the flag of rights of persons with disabilities.

Awards and honours

Honorable Mention 2015

Ideas 4 Action Competition, World Bank 2015.

Declaration of Cultural Interest

Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Buenos Aires, 2021.

Declaration of Legislative Interest

For the actions of Fundación Comparlante, Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, 2023.

2030 Agenda

Fundación Comparlante’ s vision and mission are in line with the United Nations  Sustainable Development Goals.

Image with the icons of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs. Click to go to the official site to learn about them.

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