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Fundación Comparlante is a non-profit organization promoting equality and development of persons with disabilities in Latin America. 

Our mission is to work for accessibility, entrepreneurship, and equality by implementing technological tools, products, and services aiming at ensuring this vulnerable area of the population may fully exercise its rights.

Icon composed of a mouse clicking on a globe with meridians and a “www” referring to the Internet.

90% of the content on Internet is not accessible

Representation of the shape of the map of Latin America in yellow.

85 million people have any type of disability in Latin America

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Just 20% of school-age children with disabilities goes to school.

Our Services

Fotografía de Lorena Julio brindando una sensibilización sobre accesibilidad y ajustes razonables. Frente a ella y de espaldas a cámara las personas que la oyen.

Universal Accessibility

Achieving a world with less barriers requires the commitment of everybody. We help you to develop and adjust your practices and services to the Universal Accessibility standards.

Fotografía de una notebook y un smartphone utilizados para trabajar y medir estadísticas.

Web Accessibility

We offer advice and we develop websites and digital platforms so that more people visit these pages and information is available to anyone.

Imagen del Manual de accesibilidad para clubes deportivos abierto en la sección de diseño de cartelería, diseño y contrastes accesibles.

Universal Design

We give you advice in developing communication documents and materials with accessible formats to provide an easy access to information using effective multi sensory communication.


Lelio Sánchez, a blind persons, runs his hand over the Braille inscription that is above his photo at the opening of the Exhibition at MediHome, in the City of La Plata

We Feel

How much do we ignore about persons with disabilities? We Feel is an accessible and inclusive sensory experience which captures its daily life through photography.

Captura de pantalla de la sala de zoom de una de las clases de Atracción Circular, donde los participantes (personas con distintos tipos de discapacidad) están bailando y expresándose con sus cuerpos.

Circular Attraction

Every person is valued with his&her particular way of existing and being recognizing the possibilities of his&her own body. The program seeks to perform significant and inclusive learning by means of different tools offered by art.

Image titled “Cycle of Talks, Active Accessibility, Take Action!” On one side, a screenshot of the interview conducted by Sebastión Flores with Kathy Pico, a runner who uses a prosthesis on her right leg. The logo of Fundación Comparlante is also included.

Active Accessibility

This program seeks to make visible sports for persons with disabilities from different forms. In 2023, we expect to reach clubs in Argentina with our Manual on accessibility for sports clubs.

Image of the group of attendees to the Workshop in the IMPAQTO cowork space.

Startup Ability

We all have the right to a decent job, to personal development, to live an independent life. These are the pillars of this program that uses entrepreneurship as a driver of autonomy and sustainability for people with disabilities.


Accessible Art

Accustomed to museums limiting interactions with works: “Do not touch, do not touch, do not touch.” We decided to innovate in the way we approach art, and we made it accessible, allowing everyone to enjoy it equally.

David Jiménez Caamaño winner of the Third Prize at the International Literary Contest "My World My Way" poses with his classmates, all of whom hold in their hands a diploma of participation in the Contest.

My World My Way

Achieving a world with fewer barriers requires everyone’s commitment. We help you develop and adapt your practices and services to Universal Accessibility standards.


Photograph of a person browsing and reading the Comparante website.

News and Notices

Stay informed about what we’re working on day by day and discover the latest updates.

A young woman in front of a microphone who is about to record a podcast in her living room.


Read editorials about special dates and various topics of interest written by members of the Foundation.

A young woman in front of a microphone who is about to record a podcast in her living room.

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