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Circular Attraction

Logo of Circular Attraction.

Every person with disabilities has the right to develop and use his/her artistic, creative and intellectual potential, not only for his/her own benefit, but also to enrich a society culture.
Circular Attraction offers to persons with disabilities a space for learning and developing through artistic expression. We create and learn through art in a circle, in round, and in community.
In its second year, Nicole Kiesevich (dance), Melina Deville (plastic arts), Miriam Cerdá (theatre), Lelio Sánchez (radio) and Lorena Costantini (photography) are in charge of developing this program.

Scholarship holders 2023

Photo of Andrea Grosso.
Argentina's flag.

Andrea Grosso

Photo of Astrid Nieto.
Bandera de Colombia.

Astrid Nieto

Photo of Daiana Guillermina Arocena Paniagua.
Bandera de México.

Daiana Guillermina Arocena Paniagua

Photo of Nazareno Spiatta.
Argentina's flag.

Nazareno Spiatta.

Photo of Jesús Camilo Cruz Bernal.
Bandera de México.

Jesús Camilo Cruz Bernal.

Photo of Nataly Asa.
Bandera de México.

Nataly Asa

Photo of Gloria Yolanda Feo Gonzalez.
Ecuador Flag.

Gloria Yolanda Feo Gonzalez.

Photo of Guadalupe.
Argentina's flag.

María Guadalupe García Villanueva

Photo of José Miguel Arellano.
Ecuador Flag.

José Miguel Arellano

Photo of Sebastian Bonilla.
Ecuador Flag.

Sebastian Bonilla

Photo of Vera Karina Almazan Roa.
Bandera de México.

Vera Karina Almazan Roa

Photo of María Sandra.
Argentina's flag.

María Sandra

Photo of Days Oviedo.
Argentina's flag.

Days Oviedo

Photo of Norma Karina Mendoza.
Bandera de México.

Norma Karina Mendoza

Photo of Andrea Mosquera.
Ecuador Flag.

Andrea Mosquera

Scholarship holders 2022

Photo of Jesús Iván Núñez
Bandera de México.

Jesús Iván Núñez

Photo of Aylin María Marín Sosa
Bandera de Costa Rica.

Aylin María Marín Sosa

Photo of Brenda Mesa Robles
Bandera de México.

Brenda Mesa Robles

Photo of Claudia Hurtado Cossio
Bandera de Bolivia

Claudia Hurtado Cossio

Photo of Edgar Araujo
Bandera de Venezuela.

Edgar Araujo

Photo of Tania Delgado
Bandera de Ecuador.

Tania Delgado

Photo of Vanesa Romano
Bandera de Argentina.

Vanesa Romano

Photo of Jenny Chinchilla
Bandera de El Salvador.

Jenny Chinchilla

Photo of Fanny de los Angeles Cachipuendo
Ecuador Flag.

Fanny de los Angeles Cachipuendo

Photo of Cristina Estrella.
Ecuador Flag.

Cristina Estrella

Photo of Augusto Ferreyra.
Bandera de Argentina.

Augusto Ferreyra

Photo of Lorena Paola Rodriguez.
Bandera de Argentina.

Lorena Paola Rodriguez

Photo of Astrid Lucia Zambrano de Cornieles.
Bandera de Venezuela.

Astrid Lucia Zambrano de Cornieles


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Image of the map of Latin America with yellow icons that mark the location of different countries. On the left side, the logo of the Circular Attraction Program appears next to a text that reads: “During the 2 editions we received more than 120 enrolled people from 15 countries"