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Circular Attraction

Logo of Circular Attraction.

Every person with a disability has the right to develop and use their artistic, creative and intellectual potential, not only for their own benefit but also for the cultural enrichment of the whole society.

The Circular Attraction Program offers a space for learning and development through art expression, aimed at persons with disabilities. The Program is built from a methodology characterized by interweaving theory with practice, uniting and addressing different themes, whether presented by the coordinators or suggested by the students themselves, in a comprehensive manner. The attraction, understood as the approaching, the learning, happens in a circular way. “Whatever is first painted then is also danced or written”. This is how participants are attracted by the whole senses. This methodology is centered on every person’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Program, carried out by Romina Cruellas in coordination with Nicole Kiesevich and Melina Deville offers workshops on literature, dance and plastic arts, which are practiced in a circular way.


Meet the Program’s participants.

Photo of Andrés Camilo Hoyos Vargas
Bandera de Colombia.

Andrés Camilo Hoyos Vargas

Photo of Aylin María Marín Sosa
Bandera de Costa Rica.

Aylin María Marín Sosa

Photo of Brenda Mesa Robles
Bandera de México.

Brenda Mesa Robles

Photo of Claudia Hurtado Cossio
Bandera de Bolivia

Claudia Hurtado Cossio

Photo of Edgar Araujo
Bandera de Venezuela.

Edgar Araujo

Photo of Tania Delgado
Bandera de Ecuador.

Tania Delgado

Photo of Froylan Diaz
Bandera de México.

Froylan Diaz

Photo of Jenny Chinchilla
Bandera de El Salvador.

Jenny Chinchilla

Photo of Jessica Paola Pautt Sequeda
Bandera de Colombia.

Jessica Paola Pautt Sequeda

Photo of Jesús Iván Núñez
Bandera de México.

Jesús Iván Núñez

Photo of Karla Francesca Bravo González
Bandera de México.

Karla Francesca Bravo González

Photo of Marta Antonieta Aguilar García
Bandera de Guatemala

Marta Antonieta Aguilar García

Photo of Vanesa Romano
Bandera de Argentina.

Vanesa Romano

Photo of Fanny de los Angeles Cachipuendo
Flag of Ecuador.

Fanny de los Angeles Cachipuendo

Photo of Soledad Toro.
Bandera de Chile.

Soledad Toro

Image of the map of Latin America with yellow icons that mark the location of different countries. On the left side, the logo of the Circular Attraction Program appears next to a text that reads: “We received more than 70 applicants from 15 countries!