Logo of Comparlante Audiobook Library: Icon of multicolored headphones intertwined in a wheel shaping a flower over a white background with the words “Comparlante Audiobook Library” in black.

Comparlante Audiobook Library

The founding program of our organization that utilizes technology to make literature accessible to everyone, but focusing on persons with visual disability.

Logo of the photographic exhibition We Feel. The letters of “We” in black color while the letters of the word “Feel” change, from left to right, from yellow to orange and purple.

We Feel

How much do we ignore about persons with disabilities? We Feel is an accessible and inclusive sensory experience that, through photography, captures the disability’s daily life.

Logo of Circular Attraction.

Circular Attraction

The program seeks to carry out a meaningful and inclusive learning of own experiences through diverse tools offered by art.

Logo de Accesibilidad activa, conformado por dos letras de color naranja y con dos puntos en los laterales de estas letras, simulando balones de distintos deportes.

Active Accessibility. Get into Action!

Sport creates well-being, it connects us to other people, and it may have either a rehabilitating purpose or a leisure one. In Active Accessibility, we show a variety of adapted sports by interviewing the star of every discipline.

Image in white background containing the contest title My World My Way in black letters and all the cartoon characters from the story contest, boys and girls with different disabilities.

My World My Way

Many times, children are adult teachers and, therefore, we took the decision to create this contest to be able to address conversations and reflection in families about different types of disabilities.
Giving the opportunity to children to convey their particular view on disability and equality in the world.

Logo de Programa Startup Ability: Triángulo de color azul obscuro representando la figura de un cohete con una pequeña llama de fuego en la parte inferior, acompañado de las palabras “Startup Ability” en el mismo tono de azul y las palabras “accesibilidad para emprender” en celeste.

Startup Ability

We all have the right to a decent job, to personal development, and to live an independent life. These are the pillars of this program that uses entrepreneurship as a driver of autonomy and sustainability for persons with disabilities.

Logo of "Accessible Art ", over the word "art", there is a small yellow asterisk.

Accessible Art

We create works of art that disrupt the premise that they can only be contemplated, seeking to generate impact, awareness, and eliminating barriers between people.

Logo of IncluYes over a white background. The letters of "Inclu" in purple and the letters of "Yes" in yellow.


Where to find products and services for persons with disabilities?
IncluYes is the accessible platform you were looking for.

Logo de Programas externos: Icono de manos estrechándose.

External programs and work in partnership

Building community to impact is one of our main objectives.
We show you the results achieved with various allies. Work with us.

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