Comparlante attended “Peoples’ Summit on Climate, Rights and Human Survival” in New York.

Comparlante brought the impact of youth and persons with disabilities on action against climate change to the “Peoples’ Summit on Climate, Rights and Human Survival” this week in New York.
Our Co-Founder

Sebastian Flores

, as RIADIS/IDA Representative, stated that “All human beings have the right to be identified and their needs and diversity to be recognized and duly attended at all times. And with particular emphasis, during times of climate and humanitarian crises. To achieve this, it is essential to count on accurate and updated data for the correct inclusive management of risks and the design of effective public policies. In the same level, it is urgent to provide all citizens with information and education in accessible formats adapted to all possible forms of communication about their rights and obligations in regards to the direct effects of climate change. We have brought to the working groups our experience and our firm commitment to contribute with all different actors of the international system to Advocate for every human being, focusing a priority action on women, children/youth and indigenous peoples with disabilities from the global south.

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