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What does the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities say?: Raising awareness

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1. States Parties to CRPD are committed to adopt immediate, effective and relevant measures to:

a) Raise awareness in society, even at the family level, to promote greater awareness towards persons with disabilities, and to encourage respects for rights and dignity of these persons;

b) Combat stereotypes, prejudices, and harmful practices against persons with disabilities, including those based on gender and age, in every area of life;

c) Promote awareness on capabilities and contributions of persons with disabilities.

2.Measures to this end include:

a) Implementing and maintaining effective public awareness campaigns aimed at:
i) Fostering right-sensitive attitudes on persons with disabilities;
ii) Enhancing positive perspectives and a greater social awareness on persons with disabilities;
iii) Encouraging the recognition of capabilities, achievements and abilities of persons with disabilities, and their inputs with regard to the work place and the labor market;

b) Implementing at all the education system levels, even among all the children from an early age, an attitude of respect for rights of persons with disabilities;

c) Encouraging all media bodies to disseminate an image of persons with disabilities which is compatible with the purpose of this Convention;

d) Promoting training programs on awareness including persons with disabilities and the rights of these persons.

Read the full Convention text here: www.un.org/esa/socdev/enable/documents/tccconvs.pdf

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