We say Goodbye to a Year of a lot of Growth!

In the image appears the logo of Fundación Comparlante and below, the digits of 2021.

We say goodbye to a year of a lot of growth and full of actions that brought us into contact with new agents of change, partnerships that empowered us, and proposals for new challenges.

We celebrate this stage, and we share it with you! We would like to invite you to revise and to share the work of Comparlante.

Among our initiatives, we highlight the following ones:

  • Partnership with UNFPA Ecuador and with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID for its Spanish acronym) to promote the project @igualquetu_org
  • Cycle of meetings on adapted sports Active Accessibility – Get in action!
  • Launching the Circular Attraction art program
  • Inaugurating the photo exhibition We Feel Villarino
  • Declaring We Feel La Plata as a local cultural interest

2022: Here we go!

n the image appear a text that reads: "Project" next to the logo of Igual que Tú. Below, a text that reads: "Cycle of talks on adapted sports Active Accessibility - Get in action!".

In the image appears a text that reads: "Launch of the art program" and next to it, the logo of Circular Attraction. Below, a text reads: "Inauguration of the photographic exhibition", the logo of Sentimos, and: "Villarino". "The declaration of municipal cultural interest" next to the logo of "Sentimos La Plata".

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