Texto "Donar" escrito en letras blancas sobre un círculo azul.

World Day of Bullying Prevention

Photo of a boy or girl holding a mobile device such as a tablet. On its screen, there is the cover of the book “Felipe”. Above the title, it says: “Written by David Jiménez Camaño”. Below the title, it is Felipe smiling surrounded by his tows in a green area. Below, on a yellow background, there is the logo of Fundación Comparlante

👁‍🗨In the World Day of Bullying Prevention, we invite you to meet Felipe, a blind boy who is bullied at school, and to learn on how his story helps us to think about this reality experienced by many children in Latin America and in the world.

📖 Read the digital book on https://www.comparlante.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/felipe-spreads.pdf

🎧 Listen to the audiobook on https://www.comparlante.com/biblioteca_audiolibros/comparlante/index.php?r=libros/view&id=219

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