Diving Without Barriers

Photo under the water of people with diving suits looking to the camera. There are the logos of www.buceosinbarreras.org, Fundación Comparlante, We Are a Bridge and Cafecito App.

Hi All!

We would like to invite you to collaborate with Diving Without Barriers by sponsoring their next inclusive event which will be carried out on June 25 at the Municipal Sports Center Almirante Brown – (Lavalleja 3051, El Talar, Tigre) beside the Community Association Juan Diego.

You can also help in the virtual funding platform “Cafecito” with a minimal contribution of $200.

If you would like to know where the money will go, watch this news on TV Pública:

Una experiencia de buceo inclusiva

Moreover, you can sponsor the next event through the button in Mercado Pago on this link:

If you do not use Mercado Pago, you can transfer money to the following NGO account:

-Bank: Banco Provincia Sucursal: 5174
-Current Account in Pesos: 50440/3
-Account Holder: Asociación Civil La Amalgama
– Uniform Bank Code (CBU): 01400465 01517405044030
-Account Alias: PERU.REZO.PULSO
-CUIT: 3071431881-7

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