Solidarity Store

We would like to welcome you  to Fundación Comparante ‘s Solidarity Shop, products with a purpose!

All the contributions made here directly help the cause of promoting the rights of persons with disabilities, equal opportunities and universal accessibility.

Explore our articles  related to or created inspired by the Programs of Fundación Comparlante. Each has a unique story and represents a step towards constructing as a team an accessible world for everyone.

How to use the store?

How to contribute?

Guide to use our SOLIDARITY STORE

  1. Select the currency with which you would like to contribute, it may be either Argentine Peso or American dollars. 
  2. Explore each product details by clicking on  each title.
  3. Select the products you would like to get in exchange for your contribution by clicking “add to cart”.
  4. Click “see the cart” to find all the products you selected and the value  detail  of your contribution. 
  5. You can either add or remove the quantity  of each product by clicking – or +. Whether you would like to remove a product, click X.
  6. Click on “continue with my contribution” to fill in the invoice details, and to make  the transaction. 
  7. Select your preference method of payment and click on “make contribution”.
  8. You will receive an email confirming your contribution and the product you chose ready to download and print!
Type of currency

Frequent Questions

With which methods of payment can t made my contribution?

The methods of payment differ depending on the currency. In case of paying with Argentine Pesos, you may use either Mercado Pago or make a bank transfer. If you prefer American dollars, you can use PayPal of make a bank transfer.

What happens if my contribution is returned?

You can contact us by sending a mail to or by texting to our WhatsApp +54 11 3280-3043.

Which are the delivery forms?

All the products from the SOLIDARITY store are PDF digital files.

In case of making a bank transference, we will send it to your email once made the contribution so that you can download and print the documents.

Are there restrictions in terms of using files after getting them?

You can download files without any restrictions, and they do not have any expiration date; this flexibility give you the chance to use the documents at any moment you need them. However, it is worth highlighting that purchasing products is considered a solitary support and a contribution of the work of Complartanre. In that sense, we ask you politely that filse must not be shared with third parties.

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