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Rights. Equity. Accessibility

Image that says Rights. Equity. Accessibility the principal values of Comparlante.

Since we started our activities in 2014, we have set out to work towards building a more equitable world, where people with disabilities can fully experience their rights with equity, in the same conditions as the rest of society.

Throughout 7 years of experience, we have accumulated knowledge, experience, work tools, and strategic partners, which puts us in the privileged position of being able to share our experience and serve as a bridge for organizations, governments, and individuals to become agents of change in the construction of a world with greater equity.

Our new logo reflects that accumulated experience, that today allows us to be a bridge between the society we have and the one we are helping to build. Because at Comparlante we believe that when the rights of a group are not fulfilled, the rights of all are violated.

Check out our new identity!

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