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Equity as a bridge to achieve peace

Informative photo about the International Day of Peace Entitled “Equity as a bridge to achieve peace” by Lelio Sánchez. It has the picture of hands of different people holding carefully a globe to scale. Below, an invitation to read the note on www.comparlante.com and the logo of Fundación Comparlante.

The International Day of Peace was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981. Two decades later, in 2001, the Assembly members unanimously voted to designate the Day as a period of non-violence and cease-fire. The 2022 Peace Day Theme is “End racism. Build peace”. Racial discrimination as any type of discrimination represents a […]

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Aligning my life project with my business plan

Invitation banner for the Workshop “Aligning my life project with my business plan”. The photo of Roberto Jaramillo, Manager of Entrepreneurship of Fundación Comparlante, in charge of providing the workshop, is attached. In the upper part of the banner are the logos of Hospital Pyme, Cuenta con Zapopan and Fundación Comparlante.

This workshop will be in the hands of Roberto Jaramillo, Manager of Entrepreneurship of Fundación Comparlante, and it is part of the joint work with Hospital Pyme, University of Guadalajara, Industriales Jalisco, OIT, Government of Zapopan and Cucea. This will be carried out on Wednesday September 14 in the Building Ciades, Cuceas; Periférico Norte No. […]

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Training on Adapted Sports to the Villarino Town Hall

Screenshot of the encounter and discussion on adapted sports carried out between the Team of Comparlante and representative of the Town Hall and clubs in Villarino. The logo of Comparlante is on the upper mid area of the photo.

Successful training on accessibility and adapted sports to the Villarino Town Hall. Representatives of the Town Hall Disability and Sports Areas, as well as authorities and members of schools and local sports clubs actively participated in this virtual session, led by the Right Promotors of Fundación Comparlante, Horacio, Lelio and Ludmila. The adapted sports aim […]

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Let´s talk about Duchenne, what characterizes this dystrophy?

Informative flier with the text “September 7, World Duchenne Awareness Day . Let´s talk about Duchenne, what characterizes this dystrophy? By Lelio Sánchez, read it on www.comparlante.com". Together with a photo of a smiling boy who is a wheelchair user. Below, the logo of Fundación Comparlante

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is an inherited disorder which is caused by a defective gene. It generates proteins with important functions in muscle tissues, which when they cannot be properly produced, and so they cause dystrophy. The World Duchenne Awareness Day is celebrated on September 7 with the aim of informing the community, highlighting the importance […]

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August 31 – International Solidarity Day

Informative image with the photo of Juan Thomas, Executive Director of Potenciar Solidario with the title “Solidarity is sharing among siblings”. By Lelio Sánchez, you can read it on www.comparlante.com As caption, the logo of Fundación Comparlante.

“Solidarity is sharing among siblings”  The International Solidarity Day is celebrated every August 30. At the UN General Assembly, representatives from Slovenia, Malta, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Poland promoted the celebration of this date by means of a Declaration reminding that solidarity is not only a moral character requirement, but also a precondition for the effectiveness […]

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Sentimos Villarino is of Special Interest for the City Council!

Photo of a woman holding the text of the Villarino City Hall´s Decree, and showing it to a little girl. On the upper right corner, the logo of Fundación Comparlante.

The @concejodeliberante in Villarino has declared us of special interest for the City Council! We would like to thank the City Council for this recognition, and those who trust and support this great cause. This is the highest distinction to its main protagonists, who were pictured by Lorena Costantini. We also would like to thank Monino […]

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Training on Accessibility and Adapted Sports

Informative banner about the Training on Accessibility and Adapted Sports organized by the Villarino City Hall. It has a photo of a person with a prosthetic leg getting ready to exercise. Below, there are the logos of Comparlante and the Disability Area of the Villarino City Hall.

Do not miss the Training on Accessibility and Adapted Sports that the Villarino City Hall @municipio.Villarino will provide! Next Tuesday September 6 at 10am Argentina, we will be part of this training and learning space on equity. This will be a virtual event and you can register here: Capacitacion en Accesibilidad y Deporte Adapatado […]

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