‘Juan a different boy’

Image of Ines, a participant of the contest "My world, my way"

Inés Mastrangelo from the School Basilio Villarino Nº 35, located in ‘Pedro Luro’ wrote the story “Juan, a different boy” for the second edition of the international children’s literary contest “My world in my way”. Children between 6 and 13 years of age,  had the opportunity to develop a story around one of the three characters proposed by Fundación Comparlante.

The story of Inés, tells the story of “Juan” a boy with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and his experience with school, family, and friends; living his world, in their way “Juan, a different boy” is now part of Comparlante’s audio library and is available to listen.

If you want to listen to the story of Inés, visit the Comparlante Audioteca where you can find a varied collection of audiobooks.


Thank you Inés for helping to build a world with more equity.


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