September 26 – Low Vision and Green Cane Awareness Day

Image named "September 26, Low Vision and Green Cane Awareness Day". It has a photo of four persons with visual disabilities walking, three of them use a green cane and the other is accompanied by a guide dog. There is also the logo of the Project I have Low Vision, composed of an image of an eyeball with green pupil and the logo of Fundación Comparlante, composed of three yellow, blue and magenta curved lines forming a bridge.

Today, we celebrate that trough Law No. 25.682 adopted in Argentina in 2002, the use of a green cane as a guide and mobility instrument was established for persons with low vision.

Besides of being a guide instrument for those who use it, it also allows other people to identify and distinguish those persons who are blind and use a white cane. In this way, we can help them, if they need it.

Cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, among other congenital diseases such as glaucoma, are some of the most common conditions producing low vision. This makes that the person decreases his/her range of central and peripheral vision although the person can distinguish shadows, colors or silhouettes.

This is a disability that cannot be solved with a common lens or a surgery, but it preserves some rest of vision. Therefore, persons with low vision have needs and circumstances different to persons with total blindness.

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