Caregivers: An Essential Work

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The UN General Assembly declared November 5th, 2014, as the International Caregiver Day to sensitize, raise awareness and draw attention to this work, often a silent , that millions of caregivers carry out to take care of other people, as well as to honor the figure of the caregiver.

Fundación Comparlante interviewed the caregiver, Dalana Belén Díaz, who shared with us about the crucial work she performs.



Which is the function of caregivers?

The function of caregivers is quite wide. Based on my professional experience, a caregiver is a person who puts in place different tools together with an interdisciplinary team (doctors, relatives, tutors) so that an older adult or a person with disabilities has a better quality of life.


Which tasks are not carried out by a home caregiver?

Caregivers do not do general household chores, we are not therapeutic assistants, and we do not perform nursing duties.


Why is the work of a caregiver considered important?

It is considered crucial, since a caregiver has a neutral opinion on family, medical and particular situations of caregivers.


How do you train?

There are several Professional Training Centers in which the caregiver may be trained. For instance, the Course on home care is provided at the Faculty of Humanities UNLP.


Which is the role of the National Register of Caregivers and how to access it?

The Register, dependent upon the National Direction of Policies for Older Adults (DINAPAM by its Spanish acronym), aims at enabling public access to confidential data on the appropriate training of people providing services as caregivers of older people, as well as creating training spaces, and this is the institution that let us work on social work. To access the Register, go to their webpage


Why do you think it is important to turn this activity professional?

It is important to turn this activity professional since we are that person who takes care, accompanies and supports older adults and persons with disabilities in vulnerable conditions. Having a knowledge base gives us confidence when performing our work.


Which is the regulation governing this profession?

Nationally, giving care to older adults is governed by Law No. 26.844 in the Special Work Contract Scheme for Personnel of Private Houses in 2013. This regulation includes, among its five categories, one specific for caregivers.


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