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Condition of poverty

Image of a girl with motor disabilities in a poor home. Fundación Comparlante logo.

What does the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities say about the condition of poverty?

The CRPD, from its Preamble, recognizes the value of the contributions that persons with disabilities make and can make to the overall well-being and diversity of their communities. In turn, it highlights that the majority of persons with disabilities live in poverty, recognizing the fundamental need to mitigate the negative effects of poverty on persons with disabilities.

Article 28, “Adequate standard of living and social protection” states that States Parties shall recognize the right of persons with disabilities to an adequate standard of living for themselves and their families, including food, clothing, housing, and continuous improvement of living conditions.

What measures are in place to protect and promote this right?

Ensure equal access to adequate and affordable drinking water and other services to meet disability-related needs.

Ensure access for older persons with disabilities to social protection programs and poverty reduction strategies.

Ensure access for persons with disabilities and their families living in poverty to state assistance for disability-related expenses.

Ensure access to public housing programs.

Ensure equal access to retirement programs and benefits.

Above all, our recognition as persons and subjects of rights must translate into the implementation of laws, public policies and human relations that safeguard the full enjoyment of a life of justice and dignity. Access the full text of the Convention here: www.un.org/esa/socdev/enable/documents/tccconvs.pdf


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